Slicing and dicing in Photoshop (and Fireworks)

Well known web designer, Jonathan Snook, made a quick screencast explaining how to use the slice tool in Photoshop and Fireworks.

I often find myself often skipping the slicing in PS and just doing it manually. However, after watching the screencast you will see it can be a true time saver – especially when dealing with sending the file (psd) between multiple designers.


One thought on “Slicing and dicing in Photoshop (and Fireworks)”

  1. Hmmm….the PS screencast shows CS4, not 3. In PS CS3 the slice tool is K, not C. It looks like everything else is the same between the two versions.

    Sure beats:
    – use guides to select the area you want
    – flatten image
    – copy selection
    – create new document (at least the new doc automatically gets created at the dimensions of the image on the clipboard)
    – paste selection
    – save for web

    Slices saves steps 2 thru 5. Definite improvement.

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