CSS or no CSS for layouts

Remember those days when a website consisted of about 2,700 nested tables? I sure do. Luckily those days are a thing of the past. With the introduction of CSS2 years back there was no good reason to keep churning out table after table in your layouts. With CSS3 and HTML5  around the corner (hopefully) things are only going to get better.

I find myself so anti-tables, I often trying to get rid of tables – for tabular data!

Even though it’s 2009, apparently some “web designers” still don’t buy into the whole no-tables movement. This past week an article titled Why CSS should not be used for layout has spread like wildfire. If you are are moderate at CSS, you will quickly realize that most his arguments are off base, but it’s any interesting read never-the-less.

Luckily, an article has been written in response to the first, Why CSS should be used for layouts. I might be a bit bias, but I find myself agreeing with the second article.

Moral of the story: let tables die already (at least for layouts). Now if we can just kill off IE6…

One thought on “CSS or no CSS for layouts”

  1. The second article is excellent especially because it acknowledges the specific downsides of CSS. And one of the comments reminds me that there were plenty of quirks and annoyances with table layouts, too.

    But looking them both over, I’m thinking that as long as we’re not doing HTML email (we have Bronto for that), we should avoid table layout in everything we do. The best way to avoid the CSS weaknesses is to stay in practice using it, and to have some templates to tweak for quick-turnaround stuff.

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