Notes on SEO and web content RefreshBCS meetup

Search Engine Optimization: update your site’s content

group at restaurant listening to speaker
A good turnout at the RefreshBCS meetup at Good Time Charley's in downtown Bryan. Thanks to Cody Marx Bailey for putting these together.
  • 3 times a week/300 word stories
  • keywords in titles
  • always with images
  • tag and categorize every story, properly
  • add internal links
  • edit and proofread your stories so they’re not junk

Event: RefreshBCS / RefreshBCS Facebook group

Speaker: Donna Gierman of iWebContent

My incomplete raw notes


  • staff up to 40 writers, 1000 articles a week
  • they get small to medium sized companies to the first page Google search returns
  • keyword targeting
  • loading up clients’ blogs and facebook content
    • example: company selling children’s ebook: $400/mo

Google Panda

  • ehow: may be part of the reason google changed their algorithm
  • keywords in titles
  • content min 300words 3x/wk
  • with images–more ops to get in keywords…(in its title, <caption> etc)
  • incorporate internal links
  • tags

There is an SEO writers facebook group


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  1. Most of the advice you have jotted down in your notes is sound. I would just tweak the minimum word count of articles to at least 600. Panda has seriously changed the rules of the game and the more unique content associated with a website the better. Google likes original information, not regurgitated dribble.

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