Mac OS X Lion early-adopter excitement

I (Mark) am the designated guinea pig here at COM with an OS that wasn’t even at its .1 update when I got it. Since I have a fresh install and am not using the Target Disk mode Firewire transfer this time, I’ll have every chance of finding out the strangenesses as I copy files and, mostly, reinstall apps.

App problems

  • Sorenson Squeeze 7 permissions problem. Following the steps listed didn’t work. For now I can’t run this app. FIXED 9-28-11. Not sure why their instructions worked this time. Probably my fault. 
  • The Cisco chat app that goes with our phone system (CUPC) doesn’t work with Lion yet. UPDATE Dec. 2011: Brian Long says it partly related to server software he’ll be updating.
  • Drobo issues: Long story short (including following these instructions), download and install the newest Drobo Dashboard and firmware before attaching your Drobo.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I get my new machine set up. Other resources:

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