Downloading Flash Videos within Firefox

Who knew that Firefox had so many add-ons? Want to download a Flash movie from a website like YouTube or even NBC News? There are 21 ways to do it within Firefox. Under the “Tools” menu, select “Add-Ons.” From the resulting Add-Ons page, you can do a search for Flash Video Downloader or something approximating that. From there, I chose the Flash Video Downloader

Click the “Add to Firefox” button. Firefox will do all the work and then restart. Upon restart, you will now have this additional box on the Firefox toolbar:

After this, it’s a piece of cake. Go to the website containing the video you wish to download. When the video that you want to download begins to play, pull down the arrow menu and select “Try Alternative Download.”

It will then save a .flv video to wherever you have selected your download to go. That .flv file will open in VLC. It’s amazing, and it really, really works.

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