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Presenter in auditorium; current slide title Problems with Flash

( added Feb ’12: Videos of the Sessions! )

Superb one-day conference, St. Edwards U. in Austin Sat. Oct. 8. Here’s links to some of the presenter’s slides, collected by scraping the conference hashtag:

Responsive Web Design

illustrator artboards | PDF (9.5 MB)

CSS Selectors, the Next Generation

@jakefolio Jake Smith: Thanks for attending my talk CSS Selectors, here are the links to slides/resources/etc: #html5tx


toddanglin Todd Anglin: Slides from my LESS for CSS talk at #html5tx available online Thanks all for coming!

Modernizr, Yepnope, and Polyfills

SlexAxton Alex Sexton: My slides for my #html5tx presentation this morning on Modernizr, yepnope, and polyfills. TAFEE…

Writing less code with CSS3

garannm Garann Means: Hey look, it’s my #html5tx slides!…Thanks to everyone who attended. 😀

HTML5 Javascript on Crack

getify Kyle Simpson: thx to everyone at my #html5tx talk. great questions! rate me:…

HTML5 Geolocation

teleject Christopher Schmitt: thanks to everyone who attended my #html5tx Geolocation talk. My slides are posted here –…

CSS Support Chart

estellevw Estelle Weyl: The URL for the CSS Selector support chart is…

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