Creating .ts video files

This is for the Cisco Media Servers that show the videos on the lobby monitors in SHRB and GGB.

  1. create the 1920×1080 video in After Effects
  2. render the comp (command – M) set up as so:
  3. in VLC:
    1. File Menu > Advanced Open File
    2. browse for and select the the video exported from AE
    3. click “Streaming/Saving” then click “Settings”
    4. next to “File” set a name for the final video. It needs a .ts extension
    5. make sure “MPEG TS” is set for the Encapsulation Method
    6. click “Video” under “Transcoding Options”
    7. choose “h264” in the pop-up and 1024 kb/s for the Bitrate
    8. click OK, and the Settings dialog box closes
    9. To finally create the video, click Open

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