HTML5/CSS3 WYSIWYG animation tools

Flash used to be maybe the only way to do things like the SHRB Grand Opening invitation ecard. But Flash on a webpage can’t be seen by any iPadPodPhone so those days are gone.

Check out these competitors:

Adobe Edge

  • been around still in beta, but improving

Tumult Hype

Sencha Animimator

  • $200 worth it if it’s worth it
  • recommended from comment on the Appstorm review above

Download the trial versions and check ’em out.

2 thoughts on “HTML5/CSS3 WYSIWYG animation tools”

  1. I did tutorials in both Edge an Sencha Animator and I think the Sencha is more robust and is easier to use. Don’t expect the tutorials to tell you where the all buttons are though.

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