for Mac users

There’s also a version of this page for Windows … oh wait, you don’t care!

  • Alfred. a must-have lightning-fast launcher, including custom Google searches and tons more. Using the Dock or double-clicking apps or files to open them…well, not. And get the optional Powerpack for clipboard history, text replacement, on and on.
  • GrabBox / DropBox. Free. GrabBox automatically shares your screenshots through DropBox. Change your GrabBox prefs to use random filenames if you don’t want someone easily able to scroll through your other uploads.
  • PathFinder. What the OSX Finder should have been by now.
  • ExpanDrive or Transmit connect with SSH. ExpanDrive, mount external servers as drives. Transmit, fast.
  • Adium. chat app. All services. Free.

other. some of this is old

And see Jared’s more comprehensive list.

  • Screen Lock utility. Windows has an easy keystroke combination (Windows – L) to lock the machine. Now Mac does too.
  • TrashMe. Free. Seen on WebWorkerDaily. Windows has an uninstall utility as part of the OS. The Mac OS needs one, because its apps scatter their files all over the hard drive who-knows-where. So use TrashMe.
  • RCDefaultApp. Lets you easily change what app opens your files.
  • iStats Menu. This handy app lets you display a bunch of system specs in your menu bar. Totally customizable. A great way to keep an eye on your RAM, processor, and network usage. Also replaces the lame default clock with one that is clickable and displays a monthly calendar.
  • John Tucker’s Mac FAQs for Leopard and the TTI network. (may be out-of-date now…) This is the link to a PDF he originally put on TTINet. Ideally we’d convert all this info to normal HTML. (note: changed the link on this document to where it resides on TTINet 08-21-09)

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