for Win users

Like the for Mac users page, we can add to this at any time.

  • Launchy. Free. Forget the Start Menu, clicking icons, and even My Computer/Windows Explorer. With Launchy, press “Alt – Spacebar” and start typing the name of what you want to open: an application name, folder, or drive. When the name autocompletes in the Launchy window and/or appears in the list below it, select it, hit Enter and you’re there.
  • FoxIt Reader. Free. Open PDFs instantly, instead of waiting for the slow, bloated Adobe Reader. It’s full-featured, not lame like Preview on the Mac.
  • CutePDF Writer. I didn’t name this. The Windows way of saving Word docs etc. as PDFs without Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Notepad++. Free. Notepad itself can be useful for the simplest things, but Notepad++ offers so many conveniences for any kind of code writing and editing (syntax highlighting, autoformatting, multiple documents open at once, etc.) that it’s too useful not to use instead of Notepad almost all the time.
  • SnagIt and Camtasia Studio. $50 and $300 list repectively, but $10 total at the A&M SELL. SnagIt is the best screenshot utility on Windows. One cool point: it can capture an entire web page even if it’s partly scrolled off the bottom of the screen. Camtasia is an excellent screen video recorder and annotator which I (Mark) have used for many projects.

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