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Links, shortcuts, tips and info that could make work easier for others in the group. Post stuff that you’ ll forget, and need a place to come back and find. Just a couple of sentences is fine. Just a link and a description is too. If it’s something you figured out and it’s too complicated or long to describe in words, just post an announcement of what it is and let people know they can come and ask you if they need to know.


This should be stuff of particular interest to the Visual Media group, not to COM as a whole. That would go on the Bugler site. Since we have three distinct sections within Visual Media, we can use categories to sort stuff that doesn’t apply to everyone.


So the other people in Visual Media can benefit from stuff you’ve found out about and said “Ah! If only I’d known about this before!” And so you can read what others write and say the same thing.


Post stuff by registering to be a contributor. If you don’t want to mess with that, just email me what you want to put here.

I’ve set up some categories. Add ones you’d like. To see posts just in that category, click its name in the section on the right of the page. You may tag your posts with keywords as well, or add tags to any previous post. Let me know if you have questions.

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